HappyVoting was an international, independent campaign focussed on improving young voter turnout in the 2014 European Elections. The campaign consisted of a viral YouTube video and some photo and text based information distributed primarily via the website built by MaxMakeDesign. Publicity was gained largely by exposure on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, tight integration between the website and these social platforms, and more traditional advertising means like newspapers, radio and television.

Due to the short term lifecycle of the project and the viral nature of it's growth, the Happy Voting website posed some unique challenges both functionally and logistically. The site needed to be easily accessible, sharable and quick to change, but most of all robust, fluid and stable to be able to handle large bursts of traffic as it's popularity grew. All this was delivered to the customer within a deadline of 1 week since the project start.

Website Features

  • Social integration everywhere! Links were provided to like, share, follow, post, add and interact to drive more viewers to the site
  • Fully Mobile Optimised - The site looks great on any size screen, without a single compromise in functionality of aesthetic appeal
  • Content Streams - Video, text and photo content is pull onto the site directly from Youtube and Tumblr in realtime, maximising content value and reducing the burden on the website maintainers

Project Monitoring

Server load and traffic monitoring tools were deployed to fuel strategic marketing and technical decisions and provide insights into the campaigns natural movement and viral growth. This gave the whole project fantastic visibility that proved unvaluable in terms of tracking progress and pinpointing opportunities.

Map showing traffic sources, one hour into the launch

Server statistics for the first few minutes of the launch

Solutions to Technical Challenges

  • Load Balanced Elastic Servers - New servers are automatically deployed to handle the stress when more visitors jump on the site, giving complete traffic flexibility
  • Low Cost File Storage - Large downloadable files like video rushes are hosted on low cost, worldwide, super fast file storage networks to give advertisers as much help as possible when promoting our cause
  • Cost Minimization - As the project relies soly on sponsors and donations, all opportunities for cost minimization were taken, like free third party file hosting, automatic server downscaling and free service utilisation

Campaign Status

The campaign was a big success, the video got close to 100,000 views and sparked debate and raised awareness among young voters all around Europe. It's creator, Samuel Doveri Versterbye is involved in other projects promoting youth voter turnout and expects to release a sequel to Happy Voting in a similar style next year. 

You can get in contact with the Happy Voting team by sending an email to